1When is the school opened ?
The BSO surf school is opened from april to november on Biarritz Miramar Beach. Out of this time period, the surf school can take you to discover other spots on the coast.
2At what age can we start surfing ?
We can start surfing at 6 years old normaly. Some people started surfing at 50 years old too and catch lot of fun and joy also. For this last case, your physical condition must be good.
3Who teach surfing ?
Jeff Bernard, an expert in surf coaching and ocean culture. He is also « water rescue » certified.
4Is the equipment supplied ?
For the price of the lesson, you will have a full equipment pack : a wetsuit, a leash and a surfboard.
5Can we surf all day long ?
You can surf as long the tide will be good for the wave. So about, 4 at 6 hours which is a long time for a beginner or a intermediate level.
6Is a specific insurance necessary ?
The surf school BSO get his own professional insurance for these surfers. So, lucky you, you don’t need to take a specific insurance by yourself.
7How many people per group ?
6 people maximum per group for a collective class. You can also take a private class for one person to 4 persons. For example, if you want to surf just with yours best friends.
8I’m not a good swimmer, can i surf ?
Yes. We always do the first lessons on the white water, next to the shore on the shallow water. So you’ll always keep your feet in contact with the ocean sand bottom.
9When to reserve the course ?
You can reserve the course 2 or 3 weeks before during the summer season. The timing will be easier out of the big summer surf season. The best time for your first surf trip will be in june or september, because the weather is comfortable and the tourism crowd’s still not arrived.
10I never surfed, i’m a beginner.
99% of the people in the surf class are beginners, so keep your smile and join us to surf !
11Which equipment should i bring ?
You can bring a beach towel, a board short or bikini, a sun cream and a bottle of water.